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To Achieve Business Reform, it is important to have proper RHYTHM.
Successful project also have proper rhythm. IT BPO support bringing proper rhythm into client’s business.

Our strength is mobile power. We would like to share the efforts as well as sympathy together with our clients; we offer the best solution for our clients.

  • Management Consulting Service
    We offer consistent service including; support from the creation of the strategies to their execution; business planning, organizational design, BPR, and implementation.
  • IT Consulting Service
    We offer solution from the view point of IT.
  • BPO Service
    We do business process instead of our clients, even though that process appears to be difficult to do outsourcing or offshore.
  • SFE for Pharmaceutical Company
    We offer consulting service especially focuses on ‘Sales Strategy’ to achieve sales force effectiveness.
  • Best Practices

We offer not individualized knowledge, but standardized knowledge that is formed as methodology. As a result, we can offer equally high quality service to our clients.

  • SFE Introduction Methodology
    To achieve TOBE situation, there are two important points; Standardizing activities cycle of MR, and doing targeting precisely. We support clients to achieve those two points.
  • IMS DDD Implementation Methodology
    IMS DDD data is very useful data. By applying this data, clients can do several things and get several benefits.

We renewaled our HP

  • Special Contribution
    ・ Way of Statistical Thinking
    ・ SFE Japan 2007 Review
  • Mail Magazine Service
    We offer free mail magazine once in a month. The topic is about ‘Medical Marketing & MR Effectiveness’